M0wqyp and train your dog to do tricks.

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I am The Treat FairyTM.


The moment you realize you fully crossed over. Your journey has began. You became that Instructor you knew was possible. The one you may have dreamed of becoming.

It truly started when I was introduced to the clicker. Working through Cainus Course in 2006 with my old reactive dog. My inner dork made me want to do more research, and realized this might be the tool for me.  I don't just clicker train, but it is a big part of my training program. 

Since beginning my training with my young Doberman Pinscher in Trick Dog Titles; I realized a big piece of canine human interaction is missing. We need to make training fun again, and give our dogs the education they deserve. Because they deserve to go to school get good grades, and get a hobby. Working a dog is great exercise and mental stimulation. 

As Canine behavior and training, and sports medicine become more advanced; we come to realize that skills, manners, tasks, and training can go a long way. Now we are exploring low stress vet visits, and more, but how to administer this effectively?

I have been offering obedience and Canine Good Citizen© training courses all over the globe to military families where my husband was stationed, and for almost twnety years I have been evaluating dogs to standards of this decades old program, and training Service Dogs for separating military members from the armed forces. I have assisted many civilian clients along the way, and I plan to use my Trick dog skills to build awareness for Service Dogs and effective tasks; as well as educate pet parents on dog selection, Responsible Dog Ownership, instruction for lifestyle integration, and Dog Bite Prevention.

Welcome to chapter two!



"There are a lot of things I can say, but most importantly Neil is personable, and engaging. Making the dogs comfortable in his care, and help the owners feel at ease."



"Teach the dog what you want them to do; Instead of the behavior its offering you."

- Jean Donaldson

Service Dog Trainers Association


The Service Dog Trainers Association is a licensed trademark of The Treat Fairy, LLC. We are a small organization of like minded Dog Trainers. Looking to accredit a Service Dog Training certification ...